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For as long as I can remember, Scott has been the tuner for many of the

pianos I play around the community and has always been able to accommodate

MY schedule - whether it is a "tuning emergency" or just routine upkeep.

Scott always keeps the instruments at their very best, which makes them so

much more enjoyable to play. When he leaves an instrument it sounds good, and FEELS good.

He is knowledgeable with a variety of temperaments, and has a keen intimacy with the peculiarities and challenges of many instruments and how to minimize the discrepancy of register transitions.

Whether you are an amateur or professional musician, Scott Kerns should be "YOUR Tuning Guy." He brings courtesy and professionalism to a new level. I always recommend Scott whenever the opportunity presents itself, and ALWAYS get a huge "Thank You" from his new clients. ~Jack Rinke

That Tuning Guy was friendly, worked fast, and did an excellent job getting our old piano in playing condition. We will certainly call him again when it's time for tuning. -Steve and Angela Kramer

Scott Kerns has been "our tuning guy" for over 6 years...With several pianos to tune each month we trust and depend on his expertise for tuning and repairs. ~Lisa B.

Since my career involves performing on pianos throughout the community, I am very aware of the importance of proper tuning and maintenance, requiring the care of a skilled and dedicated professional. This is why I always call on Scott to tune pianos in my studio and at my Church, and have recommended him to everyone I know who mentions a need for piano maintenance. I know that I can count on Scott to provide prompt and exemplary service, answer any questions I might have, and leave my pianos in the best possible condition. ~Julie Eschliman

Scott has tuned our home piano and also our church piano at my request for several years.

I appreciate His prompt response to my calls. He is most knowledgeable and has advised

me of needed repairs and then been able to take care of them at a very reasonable price.

I've recommended him to many friends and family members who have also appreciated his

professionalism and skill. I will continue to trust my piano tuning and repair needs to

Scott Kerns for as long as he wants to maintain his business. ~Betty Peters

"I wholeheartedly recommend Scott for everyone's piano tuning needs. Scott has been tuning my baby grand for over 15 years. It's so nice to have a talented and reliable tuner work his magic on my old piano. I have given Scott's name to friends of mine for years." ~Bill Etmund

"Our family has been very pleased with the work Scott has done on our piano for the last ten years.We own a 90 year old baby grand that can be a little finicky. Scott has been wonderful keeping our piano up and running - sounding great. He cares about the instruments and the families that own them." ~ Jon Carlson

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